Tenerife film and photo shoot

This would turn out to be one of the most tiring travel trips I have done. You do a photoshoot and the photographere will always ask you to do one more shot – what that really means is about 5 more, if you’re lucky, 10 is probably more realistic. Video isn’t quite so bad, though you are usually hitting much longer sections and they will want to cover different angles so 3 times per section is about the norm, now times the two together and you get a lot of times!! Now I love riding so why would that be a problem, well add in hangovers, no sleep, dehydration and sunburn and your pretty much running on empty all week. Of course, we never learn from this and will do it all again next time without hesitation. 

We were on the wonderful island of Tenrife to put together a travel feature for Dirt magazine and shoot some more footage for Marks upcoming film, Find. Now when on said ‘work’ trip it would be rude not to sample a bit of local culture, and when the six nations rugby is on while you are away it would be downright bloody rude not to sample the cultural delights of the Canary Isles finest, and that we did.

James enjoying some quiet reflection

We were being put up and shown around by Daz from lavatrax, and when I say put up I should say he had to put up with us rabble – the most disorganised and unprofessional group of media types you could ever meet. James and I were the subjects, Mark the professor and Steve the architect of mayham and all the while Daz remained the cool calming influence, who didn’t seem phased by anything and somehow kept the whole thing moving along. Daz I salute you!

The riding in Tenrife is quite special, what with a bloody great volcano towering above you in the way of mount Teide, and some several thousand feet vertical descent all the way back down to the sea, your assured of some long descents. It’s a diverse little island with a dry, arid climate in the South dominated by holiday resorts and apartments in complete contrast to the very green and lush northern, more traditional side of the island.

Late evening sunlit roost
Looking back up towards the summit of Teide

The riding surfaces vary wildly too, from volcanic rock and ash to silt, earth and soil, it’s agreat place to get away for a short break with your bike to almost garuanteed sunshine. If you head out there be sure to look up Lavatrax as Daz knows the trails like no other and is a super nice guy to boot. www.lavatrax.com
Keep your eyes peeled for James feature on the trip due to be published in Dirt magazine issue: 106

And the incredible scenery and riding around mount Teide is captured in Reset films latest release, Find.

I’ll leave you with this,  produced late one night playing around with a headtorch after a few too many San Miguels, one of my finer pieces.

One will always find a way to pass the time up in the hills


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