The Mojo Trail Diaries

Just back from filming the first edition of the Mojo trail diaries by Stu Thompson of MTB  cut riding alongside Joe Barnes, Danny Macaskill, Aimee Dix and Ed Oxley. It was a fun few days, we started out on some of the trails Ed and I had been working on in Lee Quarry while testing out the 2011 Fox suspension for Orange bikes.

Danny Sliding it round in Lee Quarry
Rowan cruising down one of the many skills lines in the skills areas

The next day we moved over to Calderdale and onto the trails around Ed’s place, it was cool to ride here as I had heard a lot about the trails from local riders and Singletrack Magazine are based just down the road. It didn’t disappoint with plenty of technical rocky runs for us to clatter down and a nice contrast to what we had ridden the previous day.

Ed tackling his backyard trails

Here’s the video from the first two days:

Our final day took us up into the Lake District and the mountain of Nan Bield, this was an epic day, despite the best attempts of the cold wind to dampen the fun. It was a long ride and hike up to the top of the pass where we settled for a while out of the wind. The way back down was completely wild with big, loose rocky lines everywhere. Riding with Danny was a lot of fun as he would be pushing hard to keep pace all the time and looking for the next crazy line to try out to get in front. That’s pretty much how the whole descent panned out, Danny would take one line, I would spot another and we were just switching places and sides of the trail all the way down the mountain finding some nice boulders and rocks to roll, hit and jump along the way.

Danny, Ed and Amie take shelter at the pass
Nan Bield descent

The trail diaries is a great concept bringing together riders from different areas and backgrounds to just go out and have fun on their trail bikes which is what we all do the majority of our time back home.

Check out the second episode here:

And the magazine article featured in Singletrack magazine.

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