Run to the Sun

Back from a weeks travels in the south of Spain around Granada and Malaga. We set out to find, ride and document some of the stunning trails in the area with James Mcknight and Mark Huskisson from reset films.
Rowan and Mark trying to find a 'system' to get the bikes and all the kit in the micro van
The trip was timely as the cold snap set in back in the UK and it was a pleasure to ride some warm, dry and dusty trails. The riding was amazing and as usual the week was hectic as we shoehorned in as much as we could.
“One more time”


Highlight has to be our night bivouacking out under the stars in a little cliff overhang. Its the first time I have bivouacked (well I’ve slept on a few kerbs and car parks 😉 but this was intentional ) and it was great watching about 15 shooting stars wizzing past through the night once my eyes and lungs had recovered from our extra smoky camp fire!

Our Camp for the night


Look out for the footage in the future on the next release by reset films.

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