Christmas Indulgence

It’s that time of year when everyone winds up work for christmas and the new year. Back on Track have down tooled till the new year and once all this bloody snow disappears we will make the most of the break on our mountain bikes but untill then its all about the motor bikes and the snow…

Too much fun

Last week we all hit up the Dirt magazine christmas party which was rowdy as ever, it was a great day of uplifts on the bikes with mass start chainless downhill races – it was so much fun, good old elbows out action; how we all walked away from that unscathed I’ll never know.

After the days riding the motley crew rolled into Monmouth where much wine was consumed and anyone and everyone was bombarded with paper planes and water soaked napkins. Rolling out of the pubs in the early hours and into the vans for a bit of R & R, I woke to a fresh new dump of snow so it looks like the mountain bike will be consigned to the workshop for a little while longer yet.

Before things livened up

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