Gate 23 Trails

On the whole my job is pretty cool, I have to deal with mountains of paperwork for every trail build and lots of bad weather but it’s fun designing and building stuff that hopefully people will enjoy riding. Like any job some days are better than others and one day last week was a gem.

I was contacted to provide an assessment of a dirt jump site for the Forestry Commission down in Sudbourne, Suffolk. The group who have build the trails up are called Gate 23 and they’ve been busy over the past few years carving the lovely sandy soils into a pretty dialled trails spot.

Jumps everywhere - there were a good few lines running at Gate 23

Often when I have to assess or inspect one of these sites there are loads of issues that need to be put right to make the site safe or to fit in with the best practice construction necessary on FC land, but these guys were on it, they had already dealt with most of the issues. So after a morning walking the site and carrying out the assessment a few suggestions for improvements were made but on the whole it was a well oiled site with a good group of builders. The guys were kind enough to invite me to ride with them, so I stayed on for a couple of hours and got the Orange Missile out for the first hit of the trails for 2011.

Cheers guys!

Well you’ve got to test that they all work..!?

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