Well I’d been looking forward to this one for a couple of months as it sounded right up my street a mass start race from the top to bottom of Glencoe Mountain starting in the snow and with the uplift being provided by a helicopter!

True enough it turned out to be a great event if a little frustrating for me. A few days before the race I quite badly shattered the bone in my little finger and cracked the one next to it so had to decide whether to still make the journey up to Glencoe to give this one off race a crack (no pun intended).

I was due to be at Fort William on the Monday to continue the work I had been carrying out on the World Cup DH and 4x courses ( see article on the work at ft bill here:  so that made the decision a whole lot easier – I travelled up on the friday. I knew that racing as such was out of the window but as I was putting together an article for Dirt magazine on the event I felt that I really needed to experience it to be able to write about it.


So how was it? – well the event was brilliant, the course rode well, everyone seemed to have a grin on their faces both from the helicopter ride up and the manic race back down. I’ll keep it brief as I will be writing a full feature on the event for the next issue of Dirt.

Joe Barnes rode a great race to take the win and we’ll all be back for another go at it next year. Hopefully it will be a more pleasant and less painful experience for me, 30th was all I could muster having very little grip (two fingers strapped straight together around the fractures) and having to stop several times to ease the pressure.

Cant hold on with all these damn rocks!!
Pretty sore after the race

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