Urge Cabo Verde

What a trip!

The third Fabien Barel Invitational on the volcanic archipelago of Cabo Verde 500kms off the coast of Senegal in the Atlantic Ocean was an awesome adventure; loads of travel, a beautiful country, warm friendly locals and a great group of riders and people to travel with.

The riding was pretty insane too, four downhill race runs all hit blind on steep technical terrain,with plenty of cliffs to catch you out if you didn’t pay the mountains the 100% attention and focus that they demanded.

See the gallery below for some travel pics from me and some great action photos from Sven Martin – cheers for the images Sven! If the shots are sick they’re Sven’s if they are dull they’re mine…

And thank you to my main sponsors for the trip, Mojo suspension and also to Orange bikes for supplying an Alpine 160 frame to replace the bike that was auctioned after the races to raise money for charity to go to great causes on the islands.

For more information on the trip, read my full report in Dirt Magazine Issue 110 or have a look at the April edition of MBR magazine for an excellent photo journal.

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